Canada PR Application

Canada PR Application-Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with Their Answers

Canada Permanent Residency (PR) is a prized position. Find here below some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with Their Answers on the subject of Canada PR Application. In case my Canada PR Application is returned, will I be given any refunds? Yes, a refund will be given to you in case your application is sent back!

Visa Consultancy Services

What to Mull Over Before You Use Visa Consultancy Services of a Firm

Whether you want to migrate to Europe, Asia or Australia deciding to use professional Visa Consultancy Services is always a good idea. In the fast paced world of today the professionals provide services to you at your door steps using the latest technology. They provide excellent services in various fields including career guidance, higher education,

PR Visas for Canada

At a Glance Types of PR Visas for Canada

Canada always ranks at the Number One position when it comes to immigration. People love to migrate to its several provinces because of its strong economy. Home to Niagara Falls is the major crowd pullers and its expansion of trade has fostered hopeful people to dream big of making living in this wonderful country. Visas

Canada PR

Want Canada PR? Apply For PNP Visa!

Who will not be interested in immigrating to the Maple Leaf Country, when the country is offering numerous benefits to its immigrants–be it skilled professionals, investors, business professionals, entrepreneurs or students? If Canada’s economy attracts you, and you have a strong liking for a certain province or territory, then you may apply for the Canada

PR in Canada

Are You Skilled? Get Job Based PR in Canada!

Canada is rich in natural beauty and with a low population it has always been the first choice amongst the migrants when it comes to selecting an immigration destination. Most of the expats wish to move to job based PR in Canada because of the wonderful advantages that are enjoyed by its citizens. Safety and higher standard

Apply for Canada Express Entry Online

Apply for Canada Express Entry Online!

Within no time Canada Express Entry online system has become the most popular immigration system in the world. When it was introduced in early 2015, even the federal government and the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) were not sure about its success.  In the last two years the system has successfully transformed the country’s

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Eligibility For Canada PR

Stipulations for Eligibility for Canada PR need you satisfy all the parameters for obtaining permanent residency visa. The permission to migrate and remain in that country for an indefinite period can be obtained through various programs, defined under the following classification by appropriate authorities: Federal Provincial Quebec Important criteria for Canada’s permanent residence visa The

PR in Canada

Know About Eligibility Conditions for PR in Canada & Popular Visa Categories

Are you interested in acquiring the prized Permanent Residence (PR) status in Canada and wish to learn about the different popular visa classes available for the purpose? If yes, read the edit and use the information shared in it. Among the different overseas immigration hotspots Canada finds itself placed right at the top rubbing its

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

How to Obtain Canada Permanent Resident Visa!

Did you know that every year upto 200,000 migrants are allowed to enter Canada and live permanently there in? You can also be one of them and live your Canadian dream easily. It is as easy as an online application process, the first step towards obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident Visa is to understand and

Have You Checked Canada Immigration Programme and Requirements Guide?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the apex visa and immigration body for the nation–has launched an Express Entry programme to aid the movement and migration of skilled professionals and workers from around the world to the nation. With the programme, the candidates who want to live and work permanently in the extensively visited destination

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