Eligibility For Canada PR

Stipulations for Eligibility for Canada PR need you satisfy all the parameters for obtaining permanent residency visa. The permission to migrate and remain in that country for an indefinite period can be obtained through various programs, defined under the following classification by appropriate authorities:

  • Federal
  • Provincial
  • Quebec

Important criteria for Canada’s permanent residence visa

The selection criteria have been broadly categorized into following heads though there can be a great variation between federal, provincial and Quebec programs:

Age of applicants

The age of the applicants should be within the defined age group. Generally speaking federal programs prefer people under 44 years, while PNPs facilitate entry of people aged up to 49 years.

Professional exposure in the field of specialization

  • You must have worked in your area of specialization for at least 12 months – 1560 hours or 30 hours per week. The work should have been in regular employment as a full or part-time worker;
  • It is necessary that job experience being quoted should be in a gainful employment;
  • The employment being quoted should be pertaining to last 10 years immediately before the date of submission of request;
  • The skills should feature in NOC 0, A, and B

Linguistic skills in English

  • Your linguistic skills in English should be at par with CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7, this parameter can be fulfilled by writing an approved language test such as IELTS.

Educational qualifications

  • This is an important specification since Canadian government mandates education as a pivotal aspect of immigrant’s profile. You should have either completed a designated and an approved educational qualification in a Canada’s institution, or carry a qualification from an overseas institution, which of course should meet the pre-defined stipulations as set by an official education qualifications rating agency.
  • It is necessary for an overseas applicant to obtain an assessment report from the designated credential evaluation agency.

Financial credential

The people pushing in their applications for Canadian permanent residency should be able to evidence that they have enough money to survive in the country till the time they get a job.  An alternative to this requirement though can be satisfied by supplying a qualified employment offer.

There are certain other sundry parameters that can help determine whether a candidate is eligible for permanent visa or not. Know more on this by availing a free assessment today.

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