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The United Kingdom (UK) is an extremely beautiful country. A part of Europe, it has its own distinct culture and beauty. The country, which once ruled nearly the whole world, is highly cosmopolitan, and you will find people of nearly every nation here. The British culture, society, cuisine, tourist attractions, and history beg to be explored and discovered. No wonder, numerous people, from all over the world, make a trip to the country, to explore and discover its charms. Such aspirants use the UK Tourist Visas for the purpose.

Tourist Visas for UK

Often called as Standard Tourist Visas, the Tourist Visas for UK are perfect for those who want to make a trip to the magnificent overseas hotspot for short time-frames (a maximum period of 6 months). In some specific situations, one may apply and get his visas extended to a maximum period of 10 years, of course, subject to some specific situations.

A Standard Visitor Visa, for the object of tourism, enable the candidates, keen in traveling to UK, to move for holiday, for business, or for any different reason; for instance to make a trip to family & friends, participate in sports & creative events, get private medical cure, etc.

It is mandatory that every aspirant in this specific class illustrates to the concerned British officials that they are in a really good position to take care of their financial needs in the country, and accommodate themselves well there in, without seeking public aid or doing a job. But, they have a right to prove that they have support from their family member(s) residing in the UK.

The aspirants, interested in getting UK Tourist Visas, have two options, namely, Short Stay Visas, usually with a validity period of a maximum of 6 months; and the Long Term Visitor Visas, with a validity period of a maximum of 2, 5 or 10 years.

It is possible to apply for the latter, i.e., the Long Term Visitor Visas, in case a person, interested in traveling to UK, may present evidence that regular visits to the country would be required over a course of time, and that the object of such trips would continue to be similar over the course of the visa time-frame.

The application for Tourist Visa for UK has to be presented to the UK Consulate or the UK Visa Application Centers located across the nation. One may use either of the methods–online or paper–and submit his petition either online or in person.

UK Tourist Visa Eligibility Requirements

UK Tourist Visa candidates have to fulfill these eligibility requirements:

  1. Present evidence of return on the programmed date. London is not interested in admitting those who could later turn out to be visa over-stayers and create difficulties for the nation and its people.
  2. Offer evidence that they have the financial capacity to take care of their financial needs while they are in the country. The UK is not interested in admitting those who could prove a drain on the nation’s resources later.
  3. Submit proof of any activities (business or otherwise) they want to take part in that come within the structure of the allowed deeds, while they are in the nation.
  4. For the long term visa petitions, the candidates have to show that they have a regular requirement to visit the hotspot, and that the object of the trip will continue to be constant for the time-frame of the visa.
  5. In case of the visa petitions, made for medical treatment, as per the requirements, the candidates must offer the important papers of the treatment, and also prove that they have made the necessary arrangements for funding the treatment. They also require illustrating that they will depart from the nation when their treatment gets successfully completed.

UK Tourist Visa Fees

These are different for the different category of passport holders. Still, overall, the UK Embassy charges nearly 80 British Pounds for a visa with a validity period of 1 year.

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