Canada Immigration Changes & How It Calculates Processing Times

Are you interested in Canada Immigration? If yes, you must surely have learned about some new changes made recently to the way processing times are calculated, right? You must also be perhaps keen to figure how Canada immigration calculates processing times.

Canada immigration is the in-thing and high on the radar of most overseas immigration motivated aspirants with the reason being the Maple Leaf Country is not only a very developed global economy but also highly migrant-friendly.

Adding to the appeal of Canada immigration is the fact that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the concerned organization that reviews the applications submitted and takes a decision on them–proffers numerous easy-to-follow and swift visa programmes with Express Entry being one such Programme. Actually, it is a system through which numerous economic programmes are run and applications accepted.

Coming back to the question, how Canada calculates processing times and for immigration to the country, against the backdrop of some recent changes, what you should look forward to, in terms of time-period.

As it is well known, the Maple Leaf Country is one of the most coveted overseas hotspots across the globe. Courtesy of the high number of petitions that are obtained by the IRCC every year, for the different programmes, the application procedure naturally becomes quite complex and long drawn out in spite of being an extremely straightforward and uncomplicated one at the base stage.

While the average processing time for a Canadian Permanent Residency could be anywhere from 5 to 7 months (for the applications submitted via Express Entry), it’s only in case your profile is place at a very high spot with every one of your details optimized in the best manner for your specific case. But since it is hardly the case with the majority of the candidates, they have go full steam and make several efforts to successfully sail through the somewhat tricky immigration procedure.

New Changes

Coming back the subject, Canada Immigration Changes How It Calculates Processing Times, well, the nation has changed the manner it forecasts the immigration application processing times, allegedly, to give the Canada immigration applicants a more precise picture of how long the same may take.

Candidates likely to gain comprise those submitting an application via: the various Provincial Nomination Programmes (PNPs), the Start-up Visa Programme, the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Programme, and the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP).

Allegedly, the move is tailored to give the aspirants extra chance to plan their move to the overseas hotspot.

Reportedly, the IRCC has begun to project processing times on the basis of the immigration levels plans and the present buildup.

Previously, processing times were projected on the basis of the time period the recently submitted applications required. The IRCC would base it on the time period it actually required to process four-fifth of the total petitions during the preceding one year.

As per the concerned authorities, the latest model will permit them to be more correct and razor-sharp with the reason being employing past statistics was not forever representative.

According to the in-office Immigration Minister, making how the IRCC delivers its service better has been a priority since the federal administration stormed to office in 2015.

Latest Processing Time Calculation: How Will It Function?

The new processing time calculation method will take into consideration the figure of the admissions in the administration’s multi-year immigration scheme, and the figure of the petitions presented in the line for the given immigration scheme.

Significantly, a major plan in which processing times are a sensitive issue is the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Scheme. Lately, the IRCC reportedly declared that it would go back to a first-come, first-served selection procedure for the PGP, having tried out a lottery structure during the previous two years.

From the next year, the IRCC will offer Invitations to Apply (ITA) on the basis of the order in which online interest to sponsor forms are presented. Invitations will keep on being given till the time the administration hits the 20,000 completed petition target–up from a goal of 17,000 this year.

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