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When it comes to immigration people often have different stories to tell. However, a general perspective is formed on the basis of the experiences of majority of the immigrants. In this regard Canada, the popular North American Country, is no different and immigrants have different experiences to share.

The nation is often regarded as an immigrant-friendly country and shares friendly ties with India. Over a period of time Indian immigrants have developed different perspective and experiences.  Even today, a large number of Indian immigrants prefer to immigrate to Canada over other developed countries, such as the UK, Australia and the US.

A significant figure of the Indians can be seen working across various sectors in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia (BC), etc. Due to the presence of one of the largest Indian communities outside Asia, in the Maple Leaf Country, the Indian immigrants there have formed a small India away from India.

If you are impressed by the country’s thriving economy, lifestyle, culture and benefits that it offers and are keen to move to it at the earliest, then you must know how to acquire a Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India.

You can choose from one these visa categories:

  1. Skilled immigrant programme such as Express Entry, it covers all the major economic programs of the country.
  2. Self employed programme
  3. Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)
  4. Quebec Skilled Worker Programme, for those who want to settle specifically in Quebec.
  5. Family Unification Programme
  6. Caregivers Programme
  7. Start Up Visa
  8. Student Visa
  9. Partner Visa

All the above visa categories lead to Permanent Residency (PR) and Canadian citizenship ultimately. However, they have their own set of selection criteria which can easily be decoded with the help and guidance from a reliable immigration consultant.

How long does it take to get a Canadian Visa?

The Maple Leaf Country is a popular immigration destination not only for the Indian immigrants but for the immigrants from all over the world. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned organization, has reduced the processing time and it has been restricted to just six months. The country’s major immigration programmes have joined the Express Entry league and hence the processing time period is assured.

In other cases, the processing time depends on the specific immigration category along with other important factors such as:

  1. How smooth and fast the verification process takes place.
  2. If you have provided the complete visa application form with all the required documents, and
  3. How long your medical examination takes place.

Once you are ready with the required documents and other essentials, you can contact the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, the Capital City of India, or else can submit your visa application through VFS Global, the officially authorized body to accept the Canadian Visa applications.

The processing time for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India has been reduced and as per some reports the Indo-Canadian community is one of the fastest growing communities in the hotspot.

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