Know Why Australia Is Ranked As One of the Best Countries for An Immigrant!

As per a new ranking, Australia is one of the 4 top destinations for migrants. The ranking is based on a survey involving 21,000 people across the world in which the involved nations were judged on many characteristics with economic stability, income equality, job market, etc., being some such attributes. 

Why Australia is ranked as one of the Best Countries for an Immigrant: Some Important Reasons

The Kangaroo Land draws thousands of immigrants every year, thanks to its exciting lifestyle, wonderful climate, good standard of education, top livable cities, and most importantly, high paid jobs.

Now the top reasons one by one!

  1. Oz is one of the most welcoming nations in the world. It is an astonishing immigration destination and has crystal-clear laws using a point system for getting Permanent Residency under their General Skilled Migration (GSM) employing the SkillSelect Scheme. Most migrants get a visa through an employer-sponsored visa from a recognized Australian employer or via the GSM Programme. It’s one of the most popular places to migrate also as skilled workers are in high demand here.
  2. It is very safe and secure and a haven to raise a family.
  3. The local people, by and large, are pretty friendly and they make migrants feel at home. Australians are renowned for being very welcoming and the pace of life is very laid back.
  4. The wages offered here are very handsome. Actually, Oz offers some of the best salaries to permanent skilled migrants from across the globe.
  5. The population of migrants already residing in the nation is pretty high. It means you will not feel as if you are at a place that’s not home. As per a report, over one out of every five Australians (27%) has roots overseas.
  6. Oz has an all-inclusive public health programme. Through Medicare offered by the Australian Government, the Australians get free healthcare coverage. Medicare covers 100% of your healthcare bill when you utilize the public hospitals. It offers on average 85% coverage for general practitioner (GP) charges and 3-4th for some specific specialized services. You also have the option of private medical insurance here to swell your health cover in the country.
  7. Oz offers first-rate educational facilities to its people. Here, you will find some of the finest universities and labs. Besides, the government offers free education to kids through its large number of state-run schools.
  8. Down Under has a large number of public holiday days and the year-round pleasing climate denotes that here people get a chance to live an extremely outdoor lifestyle, making a trip to beautiful beaches, or taking pleasure from the national parks, and of course, it’s a nation which is sparsely populated.

So, no wonder, Why Australia is ranked as one of the Best Countries for an Immigrant. Migrate to Australia! Check with your immigration advisor to know how you can do it!

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