Know About Eligibility Conditions for PR in Canada & Popular Visa Categories

Are you interested in acquiring the prized Permanent Residence (PR) status in Canada and wish to learn about the different popular visa classes available for the purpose? If yes, read the edit and use the information shared in it.

Among the different overseas immigration hotspots Canada finds itself placed right at the top rubbing its shoulders with the US, the UK, Australia, etc. So, it is hardly a matter of surprise that it is extensively targeted by the world migrants even as most visitors to the country wish to become a Permanent Resident in the country and get its Green Card.

With endless working opportunities, the Maple Leaf Country has always been the first choice for most migrants. Its soft immigration policies, cultural diversity, and secured future are some of the valid reasons that attract migrants from across the globe. The hassle-free migration process is well supported by the nation’s popular point based different immigration programmes such as EEP (Express Entry Programme), PNP, QSWP, etc.

To find the eligibility for PR in Canada, the aspirants need to know about the nation’s various immigration categories up-for-grabs.

Some popular schemes are-

  • Self-employed Persons Programme–A person who possesses relevant experience and is capable of remaining employed in the Maple Leaf Country and can contribute to the its economy is eligible for PR in the nation after being assessed on his profile which constitutes age, education, professional experience, langue ability and adaptability along with medical and security requirements.
  • Express Entry Programme–This is the latest immigration plan and allows the entry of those talented migrants who are capable of adding-on to the country’s economy. The wishful migrant is assessed on his profile on the grounds of education, work experience, language skills, age and other factors. This programme has further added to the popularity of Canada immigration and made it something to cherish and get involved with.
  • Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)–The eligibility for PR in Canada through it is entirely based upon the nomination, which a person has managed to seize from the province or state. He is required to submit an application directly to the province or territory that is considered in the migration process. According to many, the PNP offers an easier path for the visa candidates and it has an edge on Express Entry Programme.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP)–Quebec is one the largest territories of the hotspot. The candidates who are skilled are selected by the province, depending on its requirements. The skills that the territory runs short of are fulfilled through this popular gateway. It is expected that these skills will add on to the economy of the nature.
  • Start-up Visa–Those who possess a wonderful business idea which will help in making an addition to the nation’s economy are welcomed through this useful pathway. Under it, the candidates need to set up a business in the Maple Leaf Country and be able to generate some vacancies for the residents of the nation. This visa opens up the pathways of the migrant’s family. His family members can also claim the nation’s PR.
  • Sponsorship Programmes–A person who manages to obtain sponsorship from the Canadian citizen, can move to the country through this pathway. A PR holder in the country can nominate his family members to come to the nation under its family class immigration. This includes dependents, spouse, common-law-partner or other eligible relatives. Family members also get PR of the nation and this allows them to work, live and study in the nation.

There are certain things required on the part of the candidates interested in PR:

  • They must have sufficient funds to sustain their living in the nation.
  • They must get assessment done of their educational credentials.
  • They must furnish all the necessary documents that are mentioned in the application along with sponsorship letter.
  • They need to produce skills assessment test document.
  • They need to produce IELTS score certificate.
  • They need to pay the visa fees.

They also require furnishing different documents that support the visa category.

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