Canadian Permanent Residency–A Momentary Look

There is no dearth of those overseas immigration motivated aspirants who wish to get the prized Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Thanks to the status, a person is allowed to work, study, and live in the country though he is not regarded as a citizen of the country.

He can work temporarily, but is not a permanent resident of the country until and unless he has claimed his citizenship which can be obtained only after he has obtained PR of the nation. The Government assisted refugee programme assists refugees to settle in the country and become permanent residents.

A PR Visa holder who travels outside the Maple Leaf Country needs to produce his PR Card to enter the country, irrespective of his journey through air, boat, train or bus. A migrant, who does not possess PR Card, needs to carry a Permanent Resident travel document while returning to the country. The expiry of PR Card doesn’t imply that the holder has lost his permanent resident status.

Rights of Canadian Permanent Residency Status Holders

The visa holders are entitled to some rights and they are:

  • He is entitled to receive those benefits that are claimed by the citizens. This includes healthcare and safety coverage.
  • The PR Card also allows him to work, study, and live anywhere in the country.
  • After certain time limit, the status allows him to apply for citizenship.
  • He also gets protection under the Canadian law.
  • He is expected to pay all the taxes at the provincial, federal and municipal levels.

These are some of the privileges that a person enjoys if he has permanent residency but there are certain things that he is not allowed to do in the nation. For instance, he cannot vote. A PR Card holder needs to spend at least two years out of five years to continue his rights otherwise he may lose his residential status.

An aspiring migrant, who wishes to get the PR Card, needs to submit an online application. He should keep in mind some points:

  • Completely fill your application as incomplete forms are liable to face rejections
  • Your application will be rejected if it is not supported with the relevant documents.
  • A specific place and file size are mentioned for uploading your pictures and signatures. If these specifications are not maintained, then too your application will be dismissed.

Carefully fill your application form and attach all the relevant documents. Pay your fees online and mail your application for further processing. The online facility provides the candidate with the opportunity of tracking his petition. He can check the proceedings of his petition by submitting his application number along with other details that are asked.

He may opt for SMS service for getting updates on his application. The instructions are clearly mentioned in the application form even as the aspirants need to go through them carefully before applying for Canadian permanent residency (PR).

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