How to Obtain Canada Permanent Resident Visa!

Did you know that every year upto 200,000 migrants are allowed to enter Canada and live permanently there in? You can also be one of them and live your Canadian dream easily. It is as easy as an online application process, the first step towards obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident Visa is to understand and choose the right visa programme to submit your application.

If you are wondering about the application, it is basically creating an online profile, and submitting your supporting documents, such as your- educational details (strong factor if you are migrating under the Skilled Workers Visa Class), work experience (strongly considered if you are migrating under the Skilled Worker Visa Class), financial background (strongly considered if you are migrating under the Business Class Immigration), proficiency in English/French (strongly considered if you are migrating), spouse or relative with a PR (strongly considered under the Family Class Immigration), et cetera.

Let us have a detailed look at the various visa categories to help you choose better!

1) Skilled Workers Trade Programme/Skilled Worker Class Immigration/Express Entry Programme

It is apt for the aspirants who want to work in the nation and contribute to its economy with their occupational skills.

2) Business Class Immigration

Perfect for the businesspeople and entrepreneurs who wish to establish or invest in a business in the hotspot. In this category, an applicant is required to show a minimum amount as available for investment along with a specific amount as income or wealth as well.

3) Provincial Immigration

Perfect if you want to migrate to a specific province in the nation and live permanently. In this category, you must have a state or province nomination.

4) Family Class Immigration

Apt if you have any of your family members, like spouse with a PR in the Maple Leaf Country. Interestingly, more than 30% of the applicants choose this visa category to migrate to the extensively visited destination.

5) Quebec Selected Immigration

The province of Quebec has a special arrangement with the nation in which they allow skilled professionals such as – Businesspeople, Students, Temporary Workers, et cetera, and allow them the opportunity to become permanent residents of the province.

So, choose from one of the above Visa categories wisely to increase your chances of obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

Contact Visa Agents

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