Are You Skilled? Get Job Based PR in Canada!

Canada is rich in natural beauty and with a low population it has always been the first choice amongst the migrants when it comes to selecting an immigration destination. Most of the expats wish to move to job based PR in Canada because of the wonderful advantages that are enjoyed by its citizens.

Safety and higher standard of living along with foreign return tag adds fire to the fuel of approaching the Maple Leaf Country. Undoubtedly, the place has numerous gateways opened for wishful migrants and he can visit either for study or work purpose.

Two kinds of visas are offered to migrants, i.e., temporary and permanent. The destination looks for skilled migrants who wish to come to the country with the aim of prosperity and add on to the nation’s economy. With endless work opportunities, every migrant can have its slice of enhanced lifestyle. Seizing job depends on the points scored by the wishful migrant through the nation’s Points Based System.

Age, education, professional experience, financial background, language proficiency are just handful to name a few parameters on which the aspirants are assessed upon. The individual, who scores higher points, are more likely to get a hassle-free visa to the nation.

Likewise, most experienced professionals grab more points in the scorecard; for example, an individual with 5 years’ of work experience will get more points, as compared to applicant who possesses work experience of 2 years. The applicants holding Masters or Doctorate Degree get higher points against the undergraduate aspirants. Moreover, your adaptability to the life of the Maple Leaf Country helps you stand in the creamy layer from where you get an easy and convenient visa.

To sum up, creamy layer is scooped from across the globe by the Canadian Government so that the highly skilled and experienced candidates make way to the nation and improve its economy.

It’s not always that talents and skills work for you. Your special achievements or incredible talents in the field of arts and sports can also help you grab job based PR in Canada. A wishful migrant can apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP). It helps in fulfilling the dream of immigration to the Maple Leaf Country.

Some aspirants such as trades-people, skilled migrants and professionals, who are not sponsored by the Canadian employers, can take this pathway for entry to the nation. But, their skills are listed in the Priority Occupation list of the country’s Skilled Worker Visa categories. The nation is running a shortage of trained manpower in several professions even while talented applicants can move to the nation to grab job based PR in Canada.

An aspirant is eligible for migration if his occupation is listed in the top priority of the occupation list. For this, he need not look for a job offer from a Canadian employer. The processing time required for visa formalities is not high. Your work will help you grab a swift entry.

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