At a Glance Types of PR Visas for Canada

Canada always ranks at the Number One position when it comes to immigration. People love to migrate to its several provinces because of its strong economy. Home to Niagara Falls is the major crowd pullers and its expansion of trade has fostered hopeful people to dream big of making living in this wonderful country.

Visas are the prime requirement that allows entry to the Maple Leaf Country. There are various types of PR visas for Canada that endow promising future to an aspiring migrant. These PR Visas for Canada allow him to work, live or study in the nation.

Types of PR Visas for Canada

Student Visas

These temporary visas allow the student to study and work. He also enjoys the opportunity of bringing his family to the Maple Leaf Country, and seeking a Work Permit. This way hopeful student enjoys the freedom of studying and working in the nation. This makes Canada a hot pick amongst the youngsters as it gives them the opportunity of earning and studying, and at the same time sharing the burden of their education costs.

Under the relevant programme application is made to the schools on behalf of the students under Student Permit so that their studies are not affected. Plus, Permanent Residency (PR) granted under this visa to the students is smooth and flawless.

Visa for Parents and Grandparents

The visa named as Super Visa is for parents and grandparents that allow the person to bring his family and grandparents. This visa is valid for 10 years and it helps in uniting the family.

Visitor Visa

This visitor visa allows you to visit the nation and catch glimpses of its amazing landscape and historical monuments. This visa is issued for the short period and it is expected that the traveler will leave the country at the stipulated time. This visa calls for certain formalities, like the applicant should not have indulged in any kind of criminal activity. In case his earlier application for visa is rejected, then he should look up for the formalities attached to the specific cases.

Work Permit

This is one of the most sought after visas amongst the migrant. It opens the doors of staying permanently in the Maple Leaf Country. Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee are covered under this category, and no wonder it requires experienced person. A migrant getting entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) is your gate pass to grab the prized Canadian PR.

Business Class Immigration

This immigration entry is divided into 3 categories such as: Quebec, Federal and Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP). This visa allows the immigrant to start his business in the country, whereas the Investor Visa asks for investing some fixed amount in the country. This gateway is for the rich people who can make the investment of 300,000 CAD.

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