Want To Know How to Apply for Permanent Residence after Study in Canada?

Many overseas students, who have done a study course in Canada, wonder How to Apply for Permanent Residence after Study in Canada. If you are one such student, check the blog! Here you will learn How to Apply for Permanent Residence after Study in Canada. You will also get to know about the top three programmes available for the students like you.

Ottawa and the IRCC run numerous attractive immigration options for the students studying in a scheme in the nation for not less than two years. Students with prior experience in the hotspot are considered more appealing to the local Canadian recruiters/firms, and courtesy of the amazing quality of the Canadian schools, Ottawa prefers to keep hold of the overseas students who have graduated from its educational establishments.

So it is possible to submit an application for both temporary (study & work) and Permanent Residence in the hotspot even as it’s known as dual intent. It permits students to present a petition for permanent residence, while simultaneously securing their Temporary Study Permit even while it makes the Maple Leaf Country an even more appealing destination to study for the students.

Top 3 Programmes

These are the three important schemes available that provide Canada permanent residence for students post they have successfully concluded their degree. The application process is also shared here.

  1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Key Requirements

  1. Overseas students, who have pursued studies at a recognized post-secondary school, on a permanent basis, in a scheme with the duration of not less than 2 years, can make the grade under the plan. It is mandatory that the applicant student has successfully concluded the scheme on a Canadian campus and received the educational credential.
  2. Apart from this, the foreign student must have worked for not less than 1 year in a full-time, skilled position (or an equivalent volume in part-time) in a job at the NOC 0, A or B level in the hotspot during the three years before he applies.

It is compulsory that the work experience has been received, post successfully graduating from the scheme of study, even while any kind of unpaid internships or the co-op placements cannot be used and counted towards the employment experience.

The applicant student must have obtained his employment experience, post doing his graduation. It is also required that he is not working when he applies.

  1. It is also mandatory that the applicant student plans to reside outside the Canadian province of Quebec.
  2. As per the requirements for the programme, the student must also fulfill the required language levels vital for his job for every language capability, namely, speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

As far as the process goes, well, use the Express Entry path to apply for Permanent Residence under the programme. Create your express entry profile, share your details, and after getting an ITA, apply under the CEC.

  1. Quebec Experience Class

It is for the overseas students who have pursued studies in the province of Quebec and successfully concluded a CEGEP, Vocational, Bachelor’s or Master’s/PhD level degree and who have satisfactory expertise in French. The applicant does not require any employment experience to apply under the programme. To apply, submit your application before Quebec Immigration as the province runs its own immigration programmes.

  1. Provincial Nomination Programmes (PNPs)

Yet another attractive programme, it can also be a very good path for getting PR in the country for the students. Every Canadian province & territory has its programme for the overseas students who have successfully graduated from a Canadian post-secondary scheme. While some of the said schemes necessitate either a job offer or work experience in the province where the degree was gained, some do not. The major plus point of these specific plans is that candidates may get their permanent residency quicker, visas under other schemes.

Much like the first option, apply using the Express Entry path. Create your Express Entry profile and express your interest in moving to the province/territory of your choice. You can also apply without using the Express Entry System. For this, you will have to apply straight to the concerned province/territory.

By now one hopes you must have figured out not only the top immigration options for permanent residence but also How to Apply for Permanent Residence visa after Study in Canada, right? Use the information shared to get the prized status!

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