Do You Know that the PNP is the best Known Secret for Canada PR?

Express Entry–the federal online immigration programme for Canada–has attracted the attention of the world, and now it is hailed as the swiftest and the most efficient programme offered by Canada, for permanent immigration to the country. But few people really know that it is not the Express Entry Programme but the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) that is the best-known secret for Canada Permanent Residence (PR). Yes, it is true!

PNP Undoubtedly, the Best Known Secret for Canada PR!

The PNPs offered by the different Canadian provinces and territories allow you to become a permanent resident in the country inside a short period of time with the reason being it is not run on the federal level, and so naturally the number of candidates is comparatively less.

Besides, the programme is tailored in such a way that if you fulfill the specific labor requirements of the concerned province or territory, you will be picked-up very fast by the concerned province or territory and allowed to become a permanent resident in the country.

What further underscores the utility and value of the PNP and justifies the statement—the PNP is the best Known Secret for Canada PR is that for it you have the option of Express Entry also, and using the Express Entry’s PNP route, you can easily apply for a PR Visa.

Confused? Well, do not be! Actually, now nearly every PNP–run by the different Canadian provinces and territories–has a separate category for Express Entry. So when you apply directly through Express Entry, using the PNP path, you have the option of expressing your interest in settling in the specific province of your choice.

If your profile suits the province or territory in which you have expressed your interest in, you will get the nomination from the province/territory. This will help you pocket 600 extra points even as it will decisively boost your CRS score, and resultantly, the chances of you getting an ITA will balloon, and you will end up getting a PR Visa with ease.

PNPs Some Important Points

  1. Every single Canadian province or territory runs its own programme for Provincial Nomination under which a pre-decided figure of applicants are sent an invite and given the nomination to submit an application for Canada PR.
  2. Potential applicants are picked-up on the ground of the particular requirements and need surfacing for the set skills in that specific province/territory’s labor market and economy which involved applicants could be having.
  3. The province or territory afterward provides the nomination to the forthcoming applicants towards the IRCC for the prized Canada PR.
  4. The moment the aspirants get the nomination, they have close to 60 days to present a petition for PR with the IRCC, from the date they get the invitation & nomination.

So now it is clear that the PNP programme is the best-known secret for Canada PR. Make the most fruitful use of the programme and move to the famed hotspot permanently and speedily! Are you game??

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