The Canada Express Entry Program (EEP) is a point-based immigration program via which the Federal skilled worker class (FSWC), Federal skilled trades class (FSTC), Canadian experience class (CEC); and a portion of the provincial nominee class (PNC) gain access to the Maple syrup country which welcomes immigrants to a high standard of living, a lifetime of benefits for them as well as their children as they receive education in world-class public institutions of learning. It is a very active manner through which the Government of Canada chooses selective skilled workers from a pool of aspirants in comparison to a passive approach.

Canada Express Entry Visa Program

The overseas applicants selected from the Express Entry Candidate pool are granted permanent residency status for various provinces of Canada. This makes you, along with your family a part of a cohesive public health, educational, social, economic and political system. The Canada Express Entry Program enables you to make your very own online profiles which is absolutely free of cost, for a period of one year. These skilled workers are chosen based on their ability to contribute to the local economy as well as their aspiration to settle in Canada for the long haul. Within this program, there are a set of minimum eligibility requirements you need to fulfill to be eligible. These are as follows:

  • Age
  • Language skills
  • Academic Achievements
  • Professional experience
  • Other key profile features that contribute to determining the potential of new entrants for settling in Canada

Step 1– One of the first processes within the Canada Express Entry Program involves an evaluation of the potential candidates. The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) then ranks them on the total marks obtained after tallying all the factors. Proficiency in English and French language is a must since IRCC places major importance on your language skills. Your chance of getting past the Express Entry Program is highly based on the final score obtained by you.  For this, you must in possession of accurate documents so that during filing there is no incompletion of documents or incorrect information filling, as they can lead to prolonged delays of application submission.

You can create an Express Entry profile online or by post with the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).  This the prospective applicant must hold the necessary documents required by the IRCC. This will not be needing any additional fee.

Step 2 – Once the application is filed in the Express Entry Candidate pool, the candidate is issued with an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code. Post getting this, the applicant can create their profile in the Canada Job Bank. Doing this is optional.  But for your profile to be active, the prospective applicant needs to open his profile at every 30 days interval. Just keep in mind that successful profile submission in the Express Entry pool does not ensure that your Canada PR Visa

As per this review, a list of shortlisted candidates is decided upon, who are then sent an Invite to Apply by the Canadian immigration body. Thereafter they are asked to submit second sets of their application in order for them to get their very own Canada PR Visa. A time duration of 90 says is granted to the eligible applicants, failing which their Invite to Apply (ITA) is annulled.

Step 3 – The CIC usually requires 6 to 12 months to evaluate the applications of the shortlisted candidates. As a matter of fact, the processing time differs from case to case depending upon the background, security and medical admissibility checks of the potential candidate.

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