Apply Australia Tourist Visa

People from India, interested in traveling to Australia for tourism objects, for business, or to make a trip to the family is required to submit an application for the Visitor Visa (Subcategory 600). Also known as Australia Tourist Visa, the said visa enables them to go to Oz for these purposes. Tourism covers recreation, holidays, visiting the attractions, and making a trip to friends & family in the overseas hotspot.

Moving to Australia

The Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is basically a temporary visa and it has four categories:

  1. Tourist Category: This category of Australia Tourist Visa is for those traveling to Australia as the object of a holiday, recreation or to visit family and friends. As per the requirements, the applicant, who applies for the visa in Australia, must be physically present in the country when a decision is taken on the visa. Likewise, in case he applies for the visa outside Down Under, it is mandatory that he is located outside the nation when a decision is taken on the visa. As mentioned earlier, when an applicant presents a petition for a Tourist Visa for Australia, he is not authorized to do a job for any firm/enterprise or peddle services/goods in the nation.
  2. Business Visitor Category: It is basically for those business people traveling to Australia, for the purpose of a small business trip. He can go to a conference, meeting or negotiation. As per the requirements, the applicant must be located outside the nation when he applies, and when a decision is taken on the visa.
  3. Sponsored Family Category: It is essential for the individuals moving to Oz to make a trip to their family. As per the requirements, the candidate must have a sponsor who could be requested to offer a bond. It is also required that the applicant is located outside the nation when he applies and a decision is taken on the visa. A person is not allowed to apply for a different visa while he is in the nation.
  4. Approved Destination Status Category: it is for the individuals from the People’s Republic of China who is moving in a systematized tour group.

Australia Tourist Visa (Subcategory 600) Eligibility

  • Candidates should genuinely want to reside in the nation for just a brief time-frame.
  • Business or medical cure must not be the primary reason for making a trip to the country.
  • They must possess adequate funds to support themselves through their stay in the nation.
  • The applicants must fulfill the mandatory character and health requirements.
  • When a person applies, he has to furnish their immigration background, which must include, among others, the preceding times when have they made a trip to the nation and followed the visa laws; the number of times they have submitted an application for Australia PR Visa before; their preceding overseas journeys, etc.

An applicant may show that he sincerely plans to visit the Kangaroo Land for an impermanent period only. He can do it by presenting evidence of a job back home in India; evidence of leave that has been sanctioned by his recruiter; evidence of admission in either a school or a centre of higher education; evidence of earnings, which may include the properties he possesses and his bank statements; evidence of family links that he has back home in India and/or Australia; and evidence of pledges that he has back home in India.

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