Express Entry Makes Canada an Ideal Country to Get Quick Permanent Residency!

It is a fact that Express Entry Makes Canada an Ideal Country to Get Quick Permanent Residency. Launched with much fanfare and publicity, in the month of January 2015, and introduced on the lines of SkillSelect of Australia, the Express Entry Programme has revolutionized the way the Maple Leaf Country welcomes the finest and the best from all over the world.

Though earlier also Ottawa aggressively wooed skilled migrants and offered them PR, in return for their professional services, with the Express Entry Programme now the country and the government has made the whole visa application process, for getting PR in the nation, a lot faster and better.

From the perspectives of migrants, well, the Express Entry Programme is a BIG blessing. Now in just six months or so–if you have the right credentials and qualifications, and your profession is in-demand in the country even as you can speak English and are young–you have a pretty bright chance of making the cut, and getting an opportunity to become a Permanent Resident in the country of your dreams.

Many other overseas hotspots–such as the US, for example–usually take comparatively more time to grant the aspirants the prized Permanent Residency status. Besides, the process to get it is also much more complicated and complex there. Actually, now it has become almost next to impossible to get PR in the US.

But in the case of Canada, well, you can not only successfully apply for Canada Permanent Residence(PR) Visa, but also get the cherished PR status with ease and inside a short period of time.

All you have to do is create your Express Entry profile and score high on some important parameters, including age, educational qualifications, language skills, professional experience, etc., and wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

If you score is more than the cut off as decided, under one of the Express Entry draws, conducted every two or three weeks, you will get your ITA. After you get it, you will have 90 days to submit your application for PR.

The visa application process matters a lot. If it is fast, organized and runs in a planned way that assesses the candidature of the candidates in a fruitful manner, it is considered a good propeller of migrants to the concerned destination. And since Express Entry is fairly well organized, very methodical, pretty fast, and transparent, it is used enthusiastically by those keen to move to Canada speedily and without any hassles.

As per some observes and those in the know, Express Entry is one important reason behind the widespread popularity of Canada and its Permanent Residency since the programme’s official launch three years back. Express Entry indeed makes Canada an Ideal Country to Get Quick Permanent Residency and move abroad.

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