Getting A Job in British Columbia Made Easy

Once you step foot on the beauteous Canadian province of British Columbia with your Canada PR, the next thing that occupies your mind is finding a job matching your skill set. Well, we have it all sorted for you so that when you immigrate along with your family finding a job will not be a rocket science to you, making you more confident on finding yourself a well-paying job in major cities of B.C. like Victoria and Vancouver. Once you land yourself a job, settling in this province will become gradually easier. But where do you begin, as getting a job in Canada is an altogether different ball game from what it was on your home ground.

Let’s begin with the basics!

To get a job in the B.C. province of Canada, you will first require

  • To have your credentials and certificates recognized
  • Have a good level of English language proficiency
  • Educate yourself on the required job skills

But what works best for you? A job offer from B.C. works tremendously in your favor while looking for a job as it fits your skills set and work experience you gained over the last couple of years.

We have specially, made a list of resources that you can utilize while looking for a job in B.C.

  • WorkBC job board: You can search this WorkBC job board, as it is a complete database for varied job postings from all around B.C
  • Canada Job Bank: This online tool can be a great help while finding jobs in and around B.C.
  • WelcomeBC career profiles: You can use this medium for information many occupations in B.C., involving wages, licensing requirements etc.
  • Planning to Work in B.C., Canada Workbook is a beneficial handbook that can aid you during your job search in B.C.
  • WorkBC Jobs in Demand: Via this medium, you can expect to find more jobs in the near future to come, that
  • C. Labour Market Outlook: On this portal, you can enlighten yourself about job opportunities over the next upcoming years and the skills and education you will be requiring for the same.
  • Income and wages in B.C.: Here you can familiarize yourself with average income and the minimum wage of B.C.

As additional steps towards job search in B.C.

  • You can look for jobs listings online or in the classified sections of national and local newspapers.
  • As a matter of fact, you can contact employment departments of organizations where you would like to start working in.
  • You can ask your friends or family regarding any job leads they know of.
  • For support, you can contact the Settlement Services Agency.
  • For employment programs and information, you can visit the Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre (SIIC) at the Vancouver Public Library or reach them online.
  • To gain work experience in Canada you can easily find volunteer opportunities.
  • For getting information on the government of Canada employment services and training assistance you can Call or visit a Service Canada Centre.

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