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Do you want Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada and are planning to submit a Canada PR Application? Well, you would do well to think of using the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) route.

Talking of the PNPs, Saskatchewan is a popular Canadian province and you may use its PNP to submit your PR Application for Canada immigration.

The province is one of the most popular Canadian provinces for the immigrants. The opportunities and benefits that immigrants enjoy here are excellent.

And so many people, keen to submit Canada PR application, often think of doing it through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Programme (SINP) path. As of now, the programme is temporarily closed. But as per some experts, the SINP would start accepting Canada PR Applications again. The SINP is one of the fastest visa paths to acquire the prized Canadian PR.

It is expected that the fresh intake period will begin with many important changes though the Canadian Government has yet not given any indication regarding this. It is the great opportunity for those who aspire to live and work in the Maple Leaf Country.

The best way to present Canada PR Application, through the SINP, will be the ‘Express Entry Stream’. If your occupation is in demand in Saskatchewan you can directly apply after checking your eligibility.

Under the SINP there are basically three popular categories and they are as follow:

1)         International Skilled Workers: Majority of skilled workers use this category to acquire the Canadian PR visa and become Saskatchewan residents. It is meant for those skilled workers who intend to live in the province for a longer period of time.

2)         Saskatchewan Experience Category: It is extremely popular among skilled tradesman with prior experience of working in the province.

3)         Entrepreneurship & Farm Category: If you want to start a business in the province or purchase a farm then the category is for you.


1)         IRCC is authorized to take the final decision thus applicants must apply through the Express Entry stream.

2)         Applicants must meet the minimum passing benchmark of 60 points. They will be judged on the basis of Express Entry parameters, such as age, education, language ability, skills, province adaptability, etc.

3)         Besides meeting the above requirements, the aspirants must have experience of working in an occupation defined by the National Occupational Classification (NOC) categories A, B or 0. Their occupation must be in demand in Saskatchewan.

4)         Applicants need to prove they have enough funds and a plan to settle in the specific province that will impress the officials at the IRCC.

Proof of funds is mandatory only if you are planning to apply without a job offer.

Although the IRCC is yet to make fresh announcements about the opening dates there is a strong possibility that the programme will start accepting applications by the end of May. It is just a tentative idea and not an actual date.

The Maple Leaf Country also has set a massive immigration target, and to achieve the same it is expected that the province will be forced to start accepting Canada PR Applications soon.

If you find the SINP programme confusing and do not want to create unnecessary problems for yourself by submitting the Canada PR Visa Application on your own, it’s best to get in touch with expert Canada Immigration Consultants.

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