Profession Feature on Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List

Does Your Profession Feature on Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List?

Do you have some in-demand skills and want to move to Australia, on a permanent basis? If yes, check your specific line-of-work on the latest Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List and find out if you are really in demand in the country!

Yes, those who want to move to the popular overseas destination and submit an application for the prized Permanent Residence (PR) must check the Australia Immigration skilled occupation list brought out by the Australian Government from time to time!

The said list is employed as component of the extensively used Australian points system, for the object of movement and to dole-out points under the Skilled Migration Points arrangement for the country.

You may use the list for the 489-Skilled Regional Provisional Visa, the 485-Graduate Temporary Visa, the 189-Skilled Independent Visa, and the 190-Australia Skilled Nominated Migration Visa applications.

In order to make the grade for skilled movement to the hotspot, it is compulsory that you choose a profession from the list in question.

For example, with a view to shift to the destination as a Permanent Resident, via the extensively used Skilled Migrant Scheme (or on a Temporary Graduate Visa subcategory 485), it is mandatory that you nominate any particular line-of-work duly given on the Skilled Occupation List.

Simultaneously, you must go for a Skills assessment to decide your eligibility (or otherwise) for presenting a petition for the PR standing in the nation. This Skills evaluation is carried-out by the different assessing organizations.

Please note that the different assessing bodies in the country are accountable for carrying-out skills evaluations for movement objects and are anything but employment bureaus.

Also note that on April 19, this year, Canberra substituted the Skilled Occupation List with a completely new list termed the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

If your profession is listed in the list and you are keen to move to the destination speak to your immigration agent about the specifics and special conditions associated with your line-of-work.

Potential migrants sometime back got shock-news that Canberra has slashed its Skilled Occupation List (SOL) by over 200 professions.  The development came soon after still a different completely unforeseen statement that Oz will also be doing away with its 457 Skilled Migrant Visa, and replacing it with it a new visa arrangement and new, tougher, conditions.

However, you do not need to press the panic button as all is not lost with the reason being even as several occupations no longer finds a mention on the Australia Immigration skilled occupation list.

There are still many more which have retained their position. Over 400 professions are still in demand in the country and in case you have the appropriate qualifications you may still be suitable for a Work Visa for Australia.

Significantly, the latest Work Visa structure will see candidates getting either a 4-year Long-term Work Visa or a 2-year Short-term Visa.

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