All You Need To Know About Transit Visas

A Transit Visa is basically a kind of visa that has a legal validity for an exceedingly short period of time. On the basis of your country of origin and the destination nation, you could require having a Transit Visa, for the object of making a connection in an overseas airport or moving through a different nation.

Some specific nations—like those that come in the Schengen Area—have special deals with other nations permitting the nationals of each other to move among them, minus visas.

For the travelers, they might often face inter-connecting flights or break-journeys whenever they are moving to any other country from the nation of their origin. Such break journeys or inter-connecting flights might lead to a great deal of inconvenience, if the next journey will occur after few hours or half a day.

To avoid waiting at the terminals, a specific provision has been given through the Transit Visa. So, if you have your final destination fixated at, say, Canada or the US, you might make it to Canada or the US through the Atlantic or Pacific route.

If you have taken the Pacific Route, a stop at Singapore or Hong Kong is unavoidable. With the Transit Visa, you will be given ample opportunity to explore these two places. In some of the countries, the Transit Visa is given to the travelers if the stop exceeds 24 hours wait time.

But in Singapore, you can seek Transit Visa for four hour stay in the country. To promote travel and tourism for visitors, in Singapore, specific arrangements for airport transportation has been made possible to help the wait listed passengers who are waiting for the connecting flights to their different destinations.

In few of the countries, the norm for the Transit Visa has been made mandatory to facilitate seamless travel for the waiting passengers.

Direct Airside Transit Visa

For the travelers with the following passports Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Belarus, Burma, PRC, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Uganda, Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe will have to hold a Transit Visa if they are flying to North America through the UK and Wales.

But, on the contrary, the Transit Visa will not be required by those;

  • Who are holding a valid US or Canadian Visa
  • In possession of onward travel ticket to the US or the UK
  • Those holding the US Permanent Resident Card.
  • Holders of the valid category D Visa of EU/EEA.
  • Holding a diplomatic or service passport
  • Holding a diplomatic or official passport.

These are a few of the exceptions for the Transit Visa on route to the US, flying via the UK and Wales. Write to us at  for more information on the visa you are looking for.


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