Getting a Canadian Visa –What You Need To Keep In Mind?

Getting a Canadian Visa might not be a tough task at all as long as you have hired some proactive and dedicated immigration service providers. Most of the service providers in your bay area might promise you to give excellent service, but you should know that applying for a visa and getting a visa are two different things. Therefore, you must always go after the recognized and reliable immigration agents for the service.

Here are a few things to be considered for Getting a Canadian Visa!

If you are applying for the Maple Leaf Country or Canada, in that case, it is mandatory to focus on the guidelines of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the body designated with the responsibility to regulate immigration. As per the IRCC’s guidelines, Express Entry or Expression of Interest (EoI) functions as a parameter with which you can apply for the Canadian immigration.

If you are presenting a petition under the Express Entry, specific draws and assessment under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) would be facilitated. The CRS will conduct specific draws, and based on these, you will get the chance to move to the popular and much targeted overseas destination.

Express Entry Programme has been further broken into three broader categories:

Federal Skilled Workers Programme  

It is for the skilled workers even as such aspirants can use it to move to the popular destination using their in-demand skills. As per the FSWP, the applicants must qualify the CRS score. Last year, the CRS fell to 430 points which was the lowest. So, if you wish to get the visa, you can submit an application under the FSWP.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme

Every year specific trades go in demand in the Maple Leaf Country, and the economy of Canada is always bent towards mustering the maximum benefits. With the help of the FSTP, you can move under specific trade to the hotspot. But it is mandatory to fulfill the requirements as sought after by the CRS.

Canadian Experience Class

Last but not the least, under the IRCC’s guidelines, the students in the nation can submit an application for getting a visa under the class. In the CEC, you can settle in the nation after completing your studies there in. It is compulsory however to meet with exposure level in the nation with the paid internship programme.

These are a few ways that you can look forward to for Getting a Canadian Visa. For more updates and information, it is always a good idea to contact and discuss your immigration agent. But if you have signed-up any do it at once! You cannot move to the hotspot, with ease and inside a short period of time, if haven’t engaged the professionals.

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