Decoded: 5 Key Things to Check before You Apply For Australian PR

Getting Permanent Residency (PR) in an overseas immigration hotspot, such as Australia, is considered a matter of pride and achievement, and why not? Oz is one of the most developed global economies with a very high per capita income. Adding to the appeal of the country is the standard of living of its people which is perhaps next to none in the world. So, it is hardly a matter of surprise that every year a large number of people Apply For Australian PR.

Usually, with a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV), you can leave and come back into Down Under for a maximum period of five years, from the date it is given to you. Post five years, in case you wish to leave and come back to the Kangaroo Land, as a permanent resident, it is required that you possess a Five Year Resident Return Visa (RRV).

At times, some people confuse the age limit of 30 for the Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHV) as being the age limit for the Skilled Migration Visas which stands at 50. In case Canberra followed that method no one in their 30s or above would have any fair chance of moving to Oz, and hence happily, the age cap stands at what it is.

A large credit for the success of most residency aspirants must be given to the professional Best Immigration consultants for PR. It is mainly due to the support and guidance extended by these experts that majority of candidates manage to move to Australia permanently. Hence, if it is the Australian PR that motivates you the most, draft these specialists!

Though with the best immigration consultants for Australia PR onboard, you really do not have to worry about these things, knowing about them will do you no harm.

5 key things to check before you apply for Australian PR

  1. To begin with, check your points. For getting PR under a Skilled Visa Category, check that you can get the mandatory 60 points in your EOI, under the age, work experience, educational background, and English language skills factors.
  2. Collect your all crucial documents. In case you manage to get an Invitation and Apply (ITA) for the visa, you will be required to furnish these certificates/papers.
  3. Get your documents ready. Without these you will not be able to get a PR Visa and move to the country.
  4. Check your profession! Now this is also very vital. In fact, it is very important. See, if your chosen line-of-work finds mention on the on the latest and the most updated Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOLs).
  5. Get skills assessment done! Now this is equally critical. It will give you a fair idea of your chances.

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