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The lure of the Permanent Residency (PR) is unparalleled. Whether one is from Cambodia or Cameroon, from India or Indonesia, if he is immigration inspired, chances are that he would pursue Canada PR. The hotspot runs the points-based system and the credentials of the skilled workers are assessed on certain parameters, on the basis of the skills and background they have. Now the question that arises is how to calculate points for Canada PR.

CRS Points Calculator

The question How to calculate points for Canada PR is important and an answer must be figured for a successful Canada Express Entry visa application procedure. For those not tuned in, the points system works under the Express Entry system an amazing and very swift online immigration application system that, sort of, fast-tracks the visa petitions submitted for PR in the country.

Significantly, unlike some foreign nations, one does not require an employment offer for Canada PR immigration. Many good visa options are up-for-grabs that enable one to successfully apply for the prized status, minus securing a job in advance. It is possible to apply for PR in case one is termed a Skilled Worker.

Such aspirants though–as per the requirements made mandatory by the Immigration, Refugees and Canada Citizenship (IRCC) must illustrate that they possess the necessary settlement funds of not less than 10,000 Canadian Dollars per person, apart from an extra 2,000 Dollars for every dependent who will move with them.

Coming back to the question How to calculate points for Canada PR well, in case you are keen to make the cut for Canada immigration, as a federal skilled worker, you require getting 67 points or more (out of the total 100 accessible). In a situation wherein you fail to pocket 67 points, you won’t be able to make the grade for Canada immigration as a federal skilled worker.

Delving deeper into the question is how to calculate points for Canada PR you require using Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator. It is nothing but a tool freely available on the different Canada immigration sites that review your standing on the basis of certain pre-decided parameters, such as Age, Education, Experience, Language, Arranged Employment in Canada, Spouse’s Education, and Adaptability.

Points Breakup

  • For age, the highest of 10 points are available. If you are between 21 and 49 years you will get these 10 points.
  • For education, the maximum of 25 points is available.
  • For experience, the maximum of 21 points is offered.
  • For language (English & or French), the maximum of 24 points is available.
  • For arranged employment in Canada, the maximum of 10 points are obtainable.
  • For spouse’s (counting common-law partner) education, the maximum of 5 points is available.
  • For adaptability, the highest of 15 Points are obtainable.

You may feed in the details sought in the calculator and get your score. And, this is how you can calculate your points for Canada PR

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