Decipher Permanent Visa for Canada Requirements

Are you keen to acquire the Permanent Visa for Canada? If yes then certainly you are not the only one. As per some reports every year approximately 300, 00 people acquire the cherished status using the legal passage. Majority of the candidates apply for the Permanent Visa for Canada so that can eventually present a petition for the nation’s citizenship & passport.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) proffer numerous PR Visa options.

What is a Permanent Visa for Canada?

It is a legal status enjoyed by the Canadian non-citizens that allows them to live and work in the hotspot without any time restriction. It’s a proof that you are a legal resident of the country, and if we discuss the rights of the Canadian permanent residents, they are almost equivalent to the ones enjoyed the Canadian citizens. The PR Visa holders are denied some rights which require security level of high standard.

Permanent Visa Benefits

A PR visa holder enjoys several benefits even as some of them are as follow:

  • Stay and work anywhere in the hotspot without any restrictions.
  • Apply for citizenship once you have resided in the country for not less than three years.
  • Low tax rate and many amazing benefits related to employment.
  • Many useful social and economic benefits.
  • Offer sponsorship to relatives for the PR Visa.

Permanent Resident Visa for Canada–Basic Requirements

Before one can apply for the PR visa, they are required to fulfill some eligibility requirements and they are:

  • You must be proficient in one of the two national languages, i.e., English or French.
  • Meet the age requirement.
  • You must have education equivalent to the Canadian education system.
  • You must have the bare minimum required funds to settle in country.
  • You must get your compulsory education credential assessment (ECA) duly done.
  • You must get the mandatory health and character certificates.

Permanent Visa for Canada–What immigration programmes are available?

The IRCC offers several ways through which the country’s PR Visa can be obtained. Below are some of the popular immigration programmes:

  • Express Entry system
  • Provincial Nominee Programme
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Programme
  • Star up Visa
  • Sponsorship Programme

Are You Eligible?

The eligibility criteria under each programme vary but most of them are essentially point based programmes. Points are given on the basis of some factors such as age, education, experience, qualification, etc., whereas the popular Express Entry system selects candidates through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). If you are applying through the Skilled Worker Programme, you are required to score at least 67 points.

Discuss your case with an expert Canada immigration consultant. He will assist and guide you in a much better way and you will get a PR Visa without much difficulty.

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