Do You Know You Need Minimum PR Points for Australia Migration?

Australia offers amazing possibilities to the deserving candidates from around the world. Be it business people or investors, or skilled migrants, there are thousands of people from across the world, who wish to live their Australian dream.

If you are one of them, then read this article to know about obtaining the minimum PR points for Australia Migration. However, just reading the edit won’t do the job for you. You will also require contacting the immigration professionals to do the job for you and help you move to the destination.

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Coming back to the key subject, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has been following a Points Based System to ease and facilitate the movement of the qualified migrants from around the world to the hotspot.

One of the most preferred countries to live and work permanently, the Kangaroo Land enjoys a positive economy and offers wonderful opportunities to the migrants across the world. If you, too, aim to live your Australian dream, here’s how you can calculate PR points for Australia Migration easily.

In the case of a nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skill based occupation, an applicant with a total work experience between three and five years will receive 5 points, with a work experience between five to eight years will get 10 points, and a candidate with a work experience between eight to ten years will get 15 points.

Moreover, if you have an educational degree or certification from an Australian educational institution, you will get 20 points, at least a bachelor’s degree will get 15 points, and not less than a diploma or an award of recognized standard will get 10 points.

For example, a person must score a minimum of 60 points based on various factors such as – age, language proficiency, skills, employment experience, and state or territory nomination amongst others.

For example, an applicant between the age of 18 and 24 will receive 25 points, age 25-32 will receive 30 points, age 33 to 39 will receive 25 points, age 40 to 44 will get 15 points and age between 45 and 49 years will receive 0 points.

Likewise, an applicant with competent English will receive 0 points, skilled English will receive 10 points and Superior English will receive 20 points for their application.

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