Does Idea of Immigration to Canada Inspire You?

Canada is recognized to be one of an ideal destination across the globe for settlement and immigration and of course doing a job and making a profitable investment. It is termed as the ‘land of opportunities’ for a better life, employment, individual growth.

One of the major causes of high immigration flow to the country is that it bestows something or the other to the immigrants of every category, class, and occupation. The nation confers plethora of rewarding job and business opportunities to the foreign skilled workers and businessmen across different industries and provinces.

Key Requirements

Not the requirements! Frankly speaking, work Experience, age, adaptability and other factors are different in accordance with the specific visa type and immigration programme under which you could be applying for. These may differ under the various visa categories and immigration programmes.

However, there are some basic requirements which are pretty common for the different immigration schemes run by the country and its immigration body, namely, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Here is a list of the basic requirements for moving to the destination through the QSWP, and Express Entry, the PNP, and some other immigration plans!

Proficiency in Language

You need to prove that you are skilled and proficient in any of the official languages of the nation–French and English, via certification agencies and registered testing. The required language score is CLB7.


You should provide foreign Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report while the submission of the application for immigration. The ECA via WES is considered to be the most common procedure to get an assessment.

Character and Health Requirements

It is necessary to be of decent character and health for becoming eligible for movement. It is a must to provide the necessary police and medical certifications.

Process Time

The Canada Immigration Process Time is essentially the duration required for the completion of the procedure for immigration to Canada. Hence, it is counted to be the total time that is required for submission of the profile to approval of the visa. The processing time is essentially subjected to the visa category or immigration programme that you select.

It may differ in accordance with the following factors:

Immigration Programme

The processing time for immigration to the country may vary in accordance with the type of immigration scheme you are applying to. Each specific plan has its own processing time in accordance with their criteria and own system.

LMIA Approval

The time duration that is taken for LMIA approval in case of Canadian job may also influence the process timing.


How soon you are presenting the required documents or information from authorities may influence the processing time.

Visa Application

The processing time for Immigration to Canada is also dependent on the fact if the visa application has been submitted correctly or not.

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