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News about Canada Immigration PR Visa continues to be rouse enthusiastic response from the applicants all over the world. Millions of waiting applicants have been answered with positive notes. Well, there all kinds of reasons to be so happy and elated, you may well be given many more to rejoice in coming months.

The selections rounds being conducted after large scale changes in November 2016 have brought around smiles on both sides of the borders of Canada; the ones waiting for some productive skills, and the ones waiting for a chance to enter this land of billion opportunities.

The latest one that was conducted on April 12, 2017 returned the lowest ever selection pitch point: 423 – it was well beyond the wildest of the imaginations of the people, considering that just a year before the things seemed so murkier for the future of the permanent visa applicants.

With the culmination of this round the Canadian agency ended up issuing ITAs to 3923 people. That means that these people along with their families would be able to set their foot on the Canadian shores by the start of next year. This has raised the tally of ITAs issued in the first half 2017 to 24,632, which is far beyond any of the comparable tenures since the launch of Express Entry in 2015, January.

You would surely be wondering, how the things have improved in a matter of just six months. Since November last year, the short listing score has dipped by 363 marks while in a matter of just four month 45 marks.

This surely means that the Canadian government is working on war footing to rope in as many people as they quickly can. This fresh wave of this new approval is going to be followed up by some new programs; lined up for release in June 2017.

But, I must warn you against something, that just dreaming of a good future would do little to help you since this wave may not continue for long since very soon all the places and programs would be populated by applications and the ones who miss the chance may not get another.

So react proactively this time and start planning. Contact us today by filling up the free assessment form.

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