Essential Tips for Newcomers to Find a Job in Australia

Australia is by far the most desirable and popular destination to live and work for expats all around the world. Every year, thousands of people jump through the migration hoops of Australia PR application process with a hope of getting their dream job and find a new life in the land of opportunities. However, irrespective of the skills and educational background you have, finding a job in Australia could be tricky, especially when you have no local experience. And, it’s not hard to see why is that so?

Newcomers in Australia can face a number of challenges when it comes to looking for a job. From lack of skills to credentials not being recognized to language barriers and unable to establish professional networks, finding a job in Australia is absolutely no joke. And, if you are one of them, then this blog is just for you. Here, we have outlined a few helpful tips that you may consider while searching for a new career opportunity in Australia.

So, let’s discuss them in detail:

Give Your Resume an International Touch: –

Having an impressive and a comprehensive resume is a key to garnering the attention of prospective Australian employers. For any migrant, the first thing to do is to create a resume that is easy to understand and has international acronyms for employers to decipher. Also, Australian resumes are a bit longer as compared any other international resumes. A candidate has to provide all relevant details, no matter how many pages it might take up. Do not forget to include important things such as career summary, strengths and skills (not personal attributes), projects undertaken, qualifications, and key affiliations. This will add density to your resume and make it more approachable by employers.

Get your Credentials Assessed: –  

If you are going through the process of Australia migration from India or any other country, it’d be senseless to assume that your educational credentials or professional experience of the native country will be sufficient to secure a job in Australia. Professionals such as doctors, engineers, nurses, and lawyers are required to obtain a license before start working in the country.

Gather Knowledge about Australian Systems and Workplace Culture: –

Newcomers are recommended to build connections with people who live in Australia to learn the local Australian system of finding an employment. Tips receive from professionals and employment experts can actually help you in navigating in the right direction.

English Proficiency: –

Experts suggest that newcomers must not forget to mention their IELTS score in the job application as a proof of their fluency in the English language. Alternatively, people with low language abilities can enhance their skills by enrolling for a course.

Become a Volunteer: –

Another most important tip for newcomers is to volunteer or apply for internships as a part of their job hunting process. When you work as a volunteer, the person does not get paid, however, being a volunteer increases your chances of meeting different people who can connect with you and may offer you a job.

All said and done, all it takes is a little bit of efforts to make the job searching process an easier one. So, don’t lose hope, be patient, and keep searching!

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