Apply for US Visa-Useful Tips to Help You Avoid Rejection

Check the blog to figure out what you need to keep in mind when you apply for an American Visa. Use the tips shared to get your visa and keep the chances of a negative response at a safe distance.

Finally got admission into an American university of your choice but now worried about getting a PR visa? Visa application process can be tricky and confusing for a lot of people, especially because the different individuals will give you different kinds of advice. Most people themselves don’t know the correct procedure and information; they usually transmit whatever bits of information they have heard from other people.


Visa is essentially an endorsement that grants the citizen of another country the permission to enter or stay in a country, for a specified period of time. Just getting an admission into a university is not sufficient; you need to have a valid passport and visa to enter the nation where you are going to study. You need to apply for a Student Visa to go and study in the US.

Some Tips You Can Use

Here, our experts are sharing some useful tips to help you avoid rejection while applying for US Visa:

  • Firstly, you should know that there are two types of Student Visas in America – the F1 Visa is for academic studies and the M1 Visa is for the non-academic or vocational studies.
  • Try to submit an application for the visa three months before the date that you plan to leave on, this will give you time to reapply in case your visa application is rejected the first time.
  • Dress formally when you go for your visa interview and reach the venue at least an hour in advance.
  • It is very important to be honest during the interview and do not give any false document or wrong details, as these can have severe consequences.
  • Try to make it as clear as possible that you plan to return back to your home after completing your studies. This is one of the most common reasons why most F1 Visa applications are rejected!
  • Prove your commitment to the interviewer. In case your grades are not very high, you may be required to explain that how do you plan to succeed as a student. It would be a good idea to be prepared on how to answer this question instead of answering vaguely when presented with the question.

Remain positive and confident throughout the interview. Carry two sets of all your documents with you – one original copy and one Photostatted. Keep these tips in mind when you apply for US Visa and the chances of your rejection would be very slim.

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