Requirements for Australia Skilled Visa Decoded for You

Are you interested in getting an Australia Work Visa? Are you eager to do a job and reside in the country? Perhaps, you are not aware of the different requirements for Australia Skilled Visa, right? But before we find out the requirements, let’s figure out what the Australia Skilled Visa provides!

Skilled Visa Australia

Well, it proffers every migrant, having the necessary training and expertise, the golden chance to move to the popular destination, to do a job and reside therein. In case you make the grade and obtain a visa, you acquire the prized Permanent Residence (PR) status even as you are 100% free and at your liberty to access the numerous privileges that the nation’s other permanent residents revel in.

Requirements for Australia Skilled Visa

Coming back to the Requirements for Australia Skilled Visa, well, the requirements are:

Age: You must be below 50 years old at the time of submitting your petition.

English Language Proficiency: You must have adequate English language abilities given the fact that it’s the authorized means of communication in the country.

Nominated Profession: At the time of application it is compulsory that you zero in on a skill that matches your specific line-of-work. The profession must also be listed on the country’s Skilled Occupations List (SOL).

Skills Assessment: Prior to presenting your petition, your skills will also be accordingly reviewed by the Australian evaluating body whose work is to guarantee that your skills are as you assert. There are particular requirements of the evaluating body which you need to fulfill, to be ratified as trained in the profession you chose.

Health Assessment: You must have a fairly good health condition. And with a view to validating this, your health will be suitably evaluated by a panel doctor who will carry out an examination to confirm your health is reasonably good, and that you do not suffer from any communicable disease.

Character Assessment: Your character must be pretty good for the reason being it will also be duly examined.

Those who cannot fulfill these compulsory requirements for Australia Skilled Visa, or fail to sail through the points test, should not continue presenting an application for the General Skilled Migration (GSM).

While we are on the subject, let’s check this relevant news report!

Australian Horticulture Peak Groups Suggest New Conditions for Foreign Worker Visas

The Australian horticulture business reportedly wants the recruiters or job-providers, who allegedly abuse the backpackers, to be robbed of their powers to access the overseas manpower.

In a new proposal made to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) inquiry into Work Visas as many as 9 horticulture industry peak organizations urged canceling the rights of some recruiters or job-providers.

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