UK Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa–sometimes also known as London Tourist Visa–allows a person to make a trip to the UK for the object of leisure, business, or to get private medical treatment. One has to submit the necessary documents to obtain the cherished visa. But what are these documents required for London Tourist Visa?

But before we discuss the documents required for London Tourist Visa, let’s first talk a little about the popular destination and also the purpose for which numerous people throng it!Tourist Visa

The UK is one of the European nations that geographically speaking–is not very big. But it punches well above its size and weight, in terms of drawing visitors from across the globe. In fact, it is a HUGE joy for the visitors from across the world, even as London is one of the most sought-after global cities for the object of a textbook vacation.

The UK is one of the most visited nations enticing vacationers with its allure, history of previous eras, iconic sights and trendy pubs. An additional yet widespread purpose of traveling to the place is visiting a relative or a friend or a family member residing therein. Many Indians have one or the other of their family members living there in given the UK’s historic ties with India.

Coming back to the Tourist Visa also known as Visitor Visa–with a view to planning a beautiful and well-organized vacation to the hotspot, as per the laws of the land, it is compulsory that you possess a sanctioned UK Tourist Visa.

The visa usually allows you to live in the hotspot for a time-frame of 6 months. To lay your hands on the visa, of course, at first you have to fulfill the compulsory requirements for it and submit the necessary documents.

Coming back to the documents required for London Tourist Visa, these are the indispensable ones:

  1. Original passport and previous passports, in case any. It is mandatory that your passport is legally valid for not less than 6 months from the time you get your visa, with not less than three blank pages.
  2. Confirmed return air tickets.
  3. The visa application form suitably filled (online).
  4. Two latest passport-size colour snaps captured against a white background with matte-finish (size 35 mm x 45 mm with anywhere between 60% and 80% face close-up). While the photograph should not be over 3 months old, scanned/stapled, these should not be utilized in any of the preceding visas.
  5. Cover letter revealing the particulars of travel, specifics of the visitor, object of trip and length of stay. The letter ought to be suitably signed by approved signatory with company stamp.
  6. Income Tax Returns (ITRs) of the previous 3 years.
  7. Original bank statements showing dealings for the previous 6 months, suitably attested, and with signature by a bank officer.
  8. Evidence of investments – fixed deposits, Mutual funds, national saving certificates, stocks & shares, among others.
  9. Accommodation confirmation specifics.

Needless to say, for more information or help on the subject of the Documents Required for London Tourist Visa, contact an experienced visa advisor dealing with UK Immigration!

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