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Europe is an amazing destination to explore. Teeming with numerous overseas destinations–such as France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain–it is one continent that’s on the radar of many immigration motivated aspirants. Many such candidates wish to figure out Europe Travel Visa Information so that they can explore Europe for one or the other reason, and have the time of their life.

Keeping in mind the specific needs and aspirations of such aspirants, the Schengen Zone has introduced the Schengen Visa that covers nearly the whole of Europe. With this visa, you can cover the many gems of the continent and give wings to your overseas aspirations side-by-side.

Interestingly, aspirants from India have been aggressively targeting the different European nations and moving to them initially for a short term, for various reasons. According to the information that we have on the Travel Visa for Europe, from the concerned organization, over Indian candidates presented 700,000 Schengen Visa during 2015.

If you, too, are planning to make a trip to any of the European nations that fall under the Schengen Area, for a duration of fewer than 3 months either as a traveler, student or on business–apply for Schengen Visa and get it.

Visa Charges

Sharing more Europe Travel Visa Information, for a Schengen Visa (Adult), you will have to give Rupees 4400 as visa charges. For a Schengen Visa (for a kind from 06 to 12 years), the visa cost is Rupees 2600.

Visa Types

Three kinds of Schengen Visas are obtainable to the visitors across the globe and they are: Uniform Schengen Visa (USV), National Visas, and Limited Territorial Validity Visas (LTV).

Apply for one as per your particular needs and aspirations.

  1. USV: This visa is meant for one of the Schengen Area Member Countries to travel or reside in the chosen area for a certain time-frame up to the utmost of 90 days every six month period beginning from the date of admission.
  2. National Visas: The national visa of “D” category is proffered to the certain specific people keen to study, do a job, or permanently stay in any of the many nations of the Schengen Zone. While it’s offered for a period of one year you have the option of increasing the period.
  3. LTV: It allows you to travel only in the Schengen State that has offered the visa, or in some other situations, in the certain Schengen States precisely stated at the time of presenting an application for the visa.

Some More Information on Europe Travel Visa

Book an appointment not less than 15 working days before your tentative date of leaving as that is the estimated time an Embassy/Consular Centre requires to successfully complete the visa issuing process. You know what–you have the option of presenting an application for the visa even up to 12 weeks prior to your scheduled date of the trip.

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