Top Reasons behind Rejection of the Canada Permanent Residency Status

Do you know that every year a large number of candidates successfully get Permanent Residence status of Canada even as more than double the number of the successful applicants fails to make the grade due to one or the other reason? Yes, it is true! There could be many reasons behind rejection of the Canada Permanent Residency status, several of which may be completely preventable.

Let’s check the article and figure out those!

But before we discuss the reasons, it requires to be mentioned that if your petition is not rejected, and you manage to become a permanent resident, you can immigrate to Canada with your Parents. Yes, in the wake of receiving your Permanent Residence Visa, you may bring along your parents to reside with you in the Maple Leaf Country!

It’s possible via the nation’s Family Sponsorship Programme. Through it as a PR Visa holder, you have the right to bring your parents to the overseas hotspot.

Major Reasons Behind Rejection of the Canada Permanent Residency Status

Coming back to the factors behind refusal of the Canada Permanent Residency status, these are the key ones! The reasons for Inadmissibility could of two kinds: Criminal Inadmissibility and Other Types of Inadmissibility.

  • Criminal Inadmissibility

Wrongdoings: The Canadian border officials take very seriously even minor or very old transgressions. It’s true even in case the wrongdoings took place in nations other than the Maple Leaf Country. Having a criminal background is the most common ground for being denied admission into the nation. In case you have been found guilty of any kind of unlawful activity before–such as drug ownership, theft, irresponsible driving under the influence of alcohol, physical attack, murder and defying arrest–you will not be allowed entry.

Human Rights Infringements: You could be barred from entry for involvement in human rights violations also. If it is found that you are guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc., you will not be allowed admission.

Wrong Company: You could also be barred for your previous or present involvement with the mafia, or gang, or terrorist group.

  • Other Kinds of Inadmissibility

Finance: If you cannot prove your ability to support yourself and your family financially, you will be barred for admission. In case you fail to show that you have significant earnings from the skilled job, entrepreneurship or investments, you could be thought a weight or potential weight to the Canadian government and refused admission consequently.

Misrepresentation: You can be denied admission on the grounds of misrepresentation also. If it is found that you have withheld material facts that would hinder the enforcement of the immigration laws of the country as set forth by IRPA or falsified the said details, you will not be allowed to enter the nation.

Overstay: You may be refused entry on the ground of possible overstay also. In case the Canadian Administration has any doubt that you will overstay your visit, or if they have any evidence that you have done so earlier, you will not be permitted to enter the nation.

Inadmissible Family Member: In case you are moving with a family member, who is not allowed for any of the reasons discussed before, this can also be a valid ground for the rejection of your case.

These may be the key reasons behind the rejection of the Canada Permanent Residency status.

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