All You Need To Know about Canada Express Entry Visa Fees

Know about Canada Express Entry Visa Fees

The much talked about Canada Express Entry System–an unprecedented initiative by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–has completed two successful years. Introduced in the early 2015, the immigration system is one of the most talked about systems for its structure, transparency, and systematic immigration procedure.

The primary aim of the system is to meet the skilled needs of the labor market and keep a check on the trained migrants along with clearing the backlog and reducing the processing time. Since its inception, Express Entry has been regarded as the most outstanding application system in the country.

Do you want to immigrate to the country using the Express Entry? Are you eligible for the same? Do you know how to complete the paper work? If the answer to all the questions is YES, then certainly you must know about the Canada Express Entry Visa Fees as well.

Visa Processing Fees

These vary depending on the specific stream you have applied under. If you have chosen the Skilled Visa Stream, you will have to pay approximately 550 Canadian Dollars for the principal applicant and 550 Canadian Dollars for the spouse/common law partner, and 150 Canadian Dollars for per dependent child under 22 years old.

If you want to apply for the Sponsorship Category, the visa processing fee is much reasonable, the sponsor applicant will have to pay only 75 Canadian dollars, and the sponsored applicant will be charged 475 Canadian dollars.

Note: Landed immigrants will have to pay the mandatory right of Permanent Residence (PR) fee, i.e., 490 Canadian Dollars per head.

Fees Associated with Visa Application

  • If the required documents such as degrees, work experience certificate, etc., are neither in English nor in French, then you will have to provide a translation for all your documents which needs to be done by an authorized translator.
  • You are required many passport size photographs and the country has laid specific rules for the same, and remember the Canadians are really weird about the photographs. In the nation two passport size photographs generally cost you 12 Canadian Dollars it’s not cheap certainly not for a family.
  • You may have to get your degree recognized in the country formally a process known as credential evaluation, generally done by a authorized organization, i.e., World Education Services which may cost you around 115 Canadian Dollars or more.
  • If you are a native of a country where neither English nor French is the first spoken language, it is mandatory that you appear for an English language test. You must be ready to pay at least 250 to 270 Canadian Dollars as a fee for the same.
  • No application is complete without a medical exam. You can add an extra 200 Canadian Dollars for the same.

Canada Express Entry Visa Fees is subject to change without any prior notice.

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