What Makes Skilled Migration to Canada So Appealing?

Do you know something relevant? Migration, especially Skilled Migration to Canada , is considered an attractive term that is often associated with economic prosperity and stability. It is also proved by many international studies on migration. Lack of well-paying opportunities and low wages every so often motivate many ambitious and skilled aspirants to move to a well-developed country, like Canada.

The Maple Leaf Country is a paradise for the qualified labor force as compared to many other so-called top destinations. Here, work environment and wages given to the trained manpower are perhaps best in the entire world.

Since long, Canada has been facing a serious skill shortage even as the present government–along with the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–is determined and committed to improve the situation.

Coming back to the nation, it is incredibly advanced and embraces skilled workers and thus it offers numerous easy-to-follow visa plans to let them settle in here. The government is also willing to help them to integrate with the Canadian society.

Canada Visa Pathways

If you are a go-getting skilled worker and looking for an opportunity overseas migration to Canada, in the Maple Leaf Country, these visa pathways are the ones you must use:

  • Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) (certain PNPs have joined hands with the Express Entry).
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) (also accepts applications under the Express Entry)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), (also admits petitions under the Express Entry)
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC), (also entertains petitions under the Express Entry)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Programme
  • Start-up Visa

As the demand of the qualified manpower in the country is fairly high, the IRCC has improved the processing pace of the visa applications submitted by the skilled workers under the Express Entry system. The petitions are processed inside just six months and this feat is very difficult to achieve by other nations.

When Express Entry was introduced in 2015 the Canadian Government was committed to welcome up to 285,000 skilled workers. Later, the set target was increased to 300,000 skilled workers every year.

What Makes Skilled Migration to Canada So Motivating?

High incoming volume is the necessity of the country, courtesy two main factors, i.e., fast growing ageing population and low birth rate. These two issues have further increased the number of other problems and to combat these, the fast-track immigration system, Express Entry, has been introduced.

Although the country has a well-developed education system that produces and nurtures commendable talent for its economy, the number of skilled talent produced locally each year is not sufficient to meet the growing demand of the country’s labor market. Hence, the opportunities for skilled talent in the country are immense across some important sectors, such as mining, construction, petroleum, etc.

Furthermore, there is a pretty high demand for the professional investment analysts, medical laboratory and radiation technologists, electrophysiological diagnostic, geoscientists and oceanographers, etc. For further information on the same, check the National Occupation Classification List which is updated every year.

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