How to get Visa for Canada from India?

Do you want to know How to Get Visa for Canada from India? Not an issue at all, read this through, and you would get some really essential hints that might prove to be vital for your journey to your most desired destination.

Getting immigration permission to the Canadian shores can be broadly categorized into two heads: through business or skills. These two pathways have been quite popular with the enthusiasts since they provide as easy passage to this country.

Canadian government is quite receptive of the new entrants, as is evident from the latest developments in the political scenario of the country. It has given immigrants, especially Indians, their long due credit for their contribution to the development of the nation.

Getting a Canadian Visa is not much of task if you take meticulous steps. Talking of the procedure, you need to get the things straight at your end and compile all the necessary documents that are pivotal to the immigration. How to get Visa for Canada from India? Let us discuss this in a bit of a detail:

 Step 1:- Arrange all the documents that evidence your personal details, education, professional exposure in the area of your specialization, etc.

 Step 2:- Contact proven experts to gain valuable insight into the whole gamut of thee immigration process, like calculating the points that you would score and other sundry details. This meeting would help you finalize the program that would suit your profile and objectives.

 Step 3:- After the initial consultation is over, you start with the process of getting the things ready at your end. This would involve getting your education evaluated from a designated Canadian assessment agency, and writing an approved language test to substantiate your linguistic skills in either English or in French.

You would also need to collect other necessary papers that prove your personal details.

Step 3:- In this stage you place your application on the designated platform: Express Entry, state run platform driving the PNP scheme, or Quebec scheme.

Step 4:- You wait for the invite, and once you receive an ITA, you go ahead with the second phase process; submit all the supporting documents.

 Step 5:- You submit for medical tests and then go ahead with visa Canadian Visa stamping on your passport.

So, did you see, how could your dreams materialize within 6 months? Do not wait, just fill up the free assessment form and get a free advice.

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