Exploit Investment Opportunities in Yukon, Canada For PR & Citizenship

Yukon–a nature-blessed and territory of Canada—is the westernmost and smallest of the nation’s three federal territories. It is inhabited by 30,000 people and the maximum number of its residents resides in the Whitehorse—the capital city. The economy of the Yukon is fully supported by mining and tourism with maximum opportunities offering to the wishful migrants in these two sectors. An investor-candidate, who wishes to make it BIG on the global stage, and who loves outdoor activities, can make Yukon his new home, by capitalizing on the investment opportunities in Yukon.

Investment Opportunities in Yukon — Business Nominee Programme

To help these aspirants, the Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC)–in association with the region’s immigration body–runs an enticing programme termed as Business Nominee programme, under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) category which offers great investment opportunities in Yukon for people to invest in and set up their businesses.

The extensively used plan was brought into existence for the people with established business experience who are keen to launch a completely fresh firm/venture, partner with an existing firm/venture, or obtain and control an existing firm/venture in the Canadian territory. It is compulsory that the aspirants are 100% prepared and fully geared-up to make a momentous investment in firm/venture based in the Canadian territory and avail the benefit of investment opportunities in Yukon to earn the PR of the Country.

The scheme in question provides all needful help to the aspirants who come to the Yukon with the main aim of making productive investments and making a handy contribution to the local economy.

The investor-candidates can either-

  • Make an investment in an existing business or
  • Buy a real estate or
  • Start with a venture or business in the Yukon.

Whatever his plan is, the candidate should pass a certain eligibility test for getting nominated for the Work Permit of 2 years that allows him to work in the territory and claim the region’s much sought after Permanent Residency (PR).

When an applicant shows his interest in investments in the Yukon, he needs to pass the assessment test based upon certain factors. The judging factors include his age, education, work experience, language ability, his ability to sustain in the territory, etc.

And, based upon these specific factors, he is assigned some points, and for successful migration through the available investment opportunity, he needs to score at least 65 points. No wonder, any point above this score increases his chances of migration.

The investment opportunities in Yukon, Canada that comes into an aspirant’s life through the IRCC under its PNP Category asks for certain fixed capitals-

  • The applicant should possess 500,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • His liquid assets should not be less than 30,000 Canadian Dollars.

Investing money is not just enough to claim the PR of Yukon. The applicant must actively run his firm/venture as the Yukon government does not allow passive investments. Besides, an applicant needs to prove that he is a responsible and honest citizen of his country, and the proposed invested money is earned by him by carrying out legal activity in his nation. He may be asked to file the relevant documents to prove his authenticity.

An applicant with any criminal record or health problem is banned from entry to Canada. He needs to submit all relevant documents stating that he is a 100% responsible and healthy person. His statement should accompany valid proofs and certificates.

Most capable applicants fulfill all the necessities of the programme with a helping hand, lent by the concerned authorities and find themselves fixing roots in the Yukon. All necessary help is provided to the deserving and eligible candidates by the IRCC and the Yukon immigration organization. He is then further nominated for getting Permanent Residency (PR).

The PR of Canada is one of the most enticing gateways of enjoying free movement, first-rate healthcare, and superlative education in the country. It also bestows him with the chance of nominating his family members. This way, he gets to invite his relatives and help them enjoy all the facilities that he is enjoying therein. Needless to say, the PR in the Maple Leaf Country soon gets converted into Canadian citizenship and proffers him with more benefits.

Now since you know about the Yukon Business Nominee Programme in detail, what are you really waiting for? Make the most of the obtainable investment Opportunities in Yukon, Canada, and get PR & citizenship in one of the most developed global economies!

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