Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Reading this would be quite helpful for the people seeking Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Canadian government every year offers this permit to a selected few through various programs: family class, economic pathways, and humanitarian class besides the refugee rehabilitation programs.

Successful PR immigration enables the permit holders to remain indefinitely in the country and later apply for the nationality of the country through the naturalization process. This status although may have been a tough nut to crack in the past, nowadays there is a talk of this task becoming relatively easier.

The PR Advantage
Getting back to the issue of Permanent Canadian immigration, this status allows the new entrants to avail all the privileges, except a few, at par with the nationals of this country. The government of this country does not discriminate between the citizens and PRs, and promises similar levels of support to all.

Every year, government of the Maple leaf country spends millions on rehabilitation of the new entrants into the country. It promises several sops that would leave many people gasping with wonder since they may not have imagined receiving even a hint of such facilities back home, in their countries of origin.

No fiction and no fascination, it is for real, the visa holders with permission of Permanent residence in Canada enjoy all eligible social grants besides receiving health care assurance. The family, including spouse and the dependents also enjoy a similar status and get an unrestricted access to all the privileges at par with the principal applicants.

The list of sops does not end here. One of the biggest advantages really upheld in great esteem by the people immigrating permanently to this country is a sharp reduction in the cost of education. The children of immigrants with a PR permit get to access world class education at one third of the cost that would otherwise have been incurred if they had entered the country on the basis of student visa.

On the top of that moving permanently to Canadian shores also helps ensure that people do not have to rely on a specific employment for continuation of their stay in this country; they may enter or leave employment at their own convenience.

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