Australian Migration Points System

In an effort to attract talented people, Australia runs a popular point based system. This is a perimeter that decides the eligibility of the aspirants. The Australian migration points system allows the candidates to live, work and study freely in the country.

Under it, the candidates are judged upon certain perimeters. Through their evaluation they are able to grab certain points and these determine their eligibility for immigration to Down Under.

The parameters that govern the Australian migration points are:

  • Age- This is one of the most important overheads where a person can claim 30 points. To develop the economy of the nation, the country invites young and talented people. Depending on this yardstick, younger applicant claims the highest score of 30 points, whereas, no point is assigned to those who are more than 50 years.
  • Education- The applicant’s education also plays a decisive role in determining his eligibility. No wonder, higher education claims more points as against the diploma or certificate holders. A person with doctorate or higher degree gets the highest score of 20 points, whereas bachelors get 15 points and diploma holders gets just 10 points under this category.
  • Work experience–The points system is very much governed by the work experience of the applicant. He needs to possess 8-10 years of working experience to get the highest score of 15 points. A person who possesses 5-8 years of work experience, get 10 points and below this the applicant gets just 5 points.
  • Language proficiency–The applicant who possesses superior English, i.e., who managed to get scores of 8 in the English Language Testing System (IELTS) get maximum 20 points, and the one who scores 7 points gets 10 points, whereas no points are assigned to the person who scores lesser than score 7.

Apart from these main overheads, there are certain other caps under which the aspiring migrant can seize some points in order to qualify for migration. These are:

  • Extra 5 points for those who have studied in an Australian university or who meet the standard of the Australian university.
  • 5 points are assigned to the applicant who is qualified by the National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters.
  • A person can claim 5 extra points if he meets the study requirement to live in the regional Australia or low population areas.
  • An applicant’s spouse also helps him in making addition of 5 points through age, English language ability and skill assessment.
  • Under the state migration plan, a person can get 5 extra points if he is nominated by a state or territory government under the subclass 190 application.
  • A person, who manages to grab sponsorship from an eligible relative under the subclass 489 application, gets an extra 10 points under the points system.

For successful migration to the Kangaroo Land, a hopeful migrant needs to get total 60 points. The points above this benchmark foster hassle-free entry to Oz.

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