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Australia has several easy-to-follow visa and immigration categories for the interested candidates from different backgrounds and qualifications. An aspirant can choose any of these, on the basis of his specific credentials and goals.

To make a good decision, it is crucial to check the various Australian Immigration news & Partner Visa updates available, and also get consultancy from a trusted and highly professional immigration and visa agent.

As per some observers and overseas immigration motivated aspirants, Down Under ranks at the Number 1 position whenever a person has to decide about a particular immigration destination. Allegedly, it has always arguably been the Number 1 choice for study by most youngsters as the majority of the top global universities are situated there in.

As mentioned before, in an effort to attract more youngsters to the Kangaroo Land, different programmes are being run and managed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), run by the government of the country.

Australian Immigration News

According to the latest updates, on November 17, a seminar will be held in Melbourne in which different sponsorship programmes of Oz will be discussed. It will be 100% free of cost even as it will focus on the sponsoring of the relatives, partners, children and other family members.

Partner Visa

Partner migration is the popular family sponsored pathway that opens up numerous good paths of entry to the country for the aspirants who are in a relationship with either a permanent resident or a citizen.

Some Key facts

However, there are many loopholes that plague the visa. The latest Australian immigration news talks about some facts related to the Partner Visa.

  • To begin with, the candidate needs to show that he is in a relationship. It does not mean he is married at the time of applying for a visa.
  • Wishful migrants need to establish a relationship.
  • An applicant needs to show that he has lived with the partner for the period of 12 months for meeting the requirements for the Partner Visa.
  • While applying for the visa, the applicant needs to lodge a combined application for temporary partner and a permanent partner.
  • You can submit an application for a visa–whether you are in Australia or outside the nation. Isn’t it great?
  • There are some restrictions to repeated sponsorship. One needs to wait for a period of five years in between sponsorships. This rule applies for two partners only.
  • Health disclaimers- While applying for the visa, all the family members who are listed in the application need to go for a complete health check-up. In case any of the family member’s health check up fails, it may result in the refusal of the application.
  • Though an applicant is not allowed to present an application for a further onshore visa, if his visa is refused or is of bridging visa types, his visa is if a 457 Visa or 458 Visa, he can apply for a partner visa without leaving Australia. In this case, the person needs to show valid reasons for applying.
  • If a person is applying for the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status of Oz, then it would be rather beneficial for him if he includes his partner in his application. This will benefit him in the following ways:
  1. Drop costs–Usually the application fee for the partner is 6,865 dollars but it costs only 1,800 dollars if it is included while applying for the PR.
  2. The Waiting period is waived off–If the partner is included, then both of them will receive PR on grant and they don’t have to wait for a period of two years waiting period.
  3. Longer processing time–More time is involved in processing the Partner Visa, but with a name attached in the PR petition, it takes lesser time than that time period of two years.

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